NZB Leecher

I created NZBLeecher because I was sick of getting over 5.000.000 headers for some newsgroups. And my news-reader thought the same because with so many headers for a specific group the program starts to eat memory.. and slow down the Computer. Worst of all is that most stuff in these groups does not even interest me.

NZBLeecher is a custom browser that searches usenet indexing sites like:



You can use NZBLeecher to search on these sites and then filter/ sort/ search though the results much more efficiently than possible in a normal webbrowser. Just select the files you want and press download, an NZB-file is generated and send to your newsreader!

Download NZBLeecher: download

  • Advanced filter or search in the results
  • Download single or multiple NZB files
  • Also included - NNTPLeecher - simple free usenet download client
  • ... just try it