NNTP Leecher

NNTPLeecher is a free usenet download client (or news reader), still under development.

With the latest version you can download and retrieve binary content from multiple usenet servers without interaction. Just forward your NZB files and it will automatically download the correct files from usenet.

Download NNTPLeecher: NNTPLeecher

NNTPLeecher supports:

  • multiple servers
  • Download using NZB files
  • Quickly enable/ disable on or more servers
  • Quickly pause/ resume downloading
  • Quickly enable/ disable decoding
  • Set download priority to get a file or post earlier
  • Force decoding of incomplete or corrupted files (to repair them with par2)
  • Grouping of files contained in the NZB file
  • Fast starup/ shutdown
  • Automatically disables the queue on low diskspace
  • Save datastore (you won't lose data if the PC crashes)
  • Minimize to tray ....
  • ...
Features to come:
  • Internal decoder to improve performance
  • automatic Par checking
  • automatic Unpacking (to specified or favorite folders)
  • .. and much more automation and performance updates