On this website you can find some freeware tools. You can download and use them freely, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

NZB search program NZBLeecher;
Application to search usenet indexing sites and create NZB files.

NZB download program NNTPLeecher;
News reader developed to download from usenet by importing NZB files.

DNC communication program SimpleDNC;
CNC machine communication to backup/ restore NC programs.

Easy Photo Gallery script EasyGallery;
Very simple online photo gallery just upload a folder and it's created.

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Mar 8, 2011

NZBLeecher update v3.10

fixed filesize display for grouplist search

Mar 2, 2011

NZBLeecher is NOT a virus and does not contain a trojan !

AVG and maybe other virus scanners keep bugging me with false positives.

Dec 8, 2010

NZBLeecher v3.08 has been released..

May 24, 2010
Updated NZBLeecher to be more compatible with Windows Vista & Windows 7.
Feb 28, 2010
Website updated and moved to CMS.