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SimpleDNC - About
SimpleDNC is a simple DNC communication program. With this program you are able to send or receive files from any CNC machine with an RS232(serial) connection.
SimpleDNC was initially created because we were still using NC-tapes and a very old expensive NC computer (Campus 5000). It is very hard to get these tapes or floppy's for the NC computer, and these tapes are mainly created by a very old/ expensive NC computer. So i wanted to get rid of this old NC computer but still be able to create NC-tapes.
With SimpleDNC you can:
  • Send/ Receive files to a CNC machine (with and without DC-contol)
  • Send files to a tape-puncher to create an 'NC tape'
  • Receive files from a tape-reader to read an 'NC tape'
  • communicate via: computers serial port/ Bluetooth virtual serial port!
  • Edit NC tapes
  • Print NC tapes to your own printer
  • Receive any kind of data from a CNC machine ex.:
    • parameter listing
    • directory listing
    • ....
  • ...
screenshot v0.2